Synergy Hospitality Management Services

We Design & Redesign Dining Concepts

Design & Redisign

We are professionals with expertise in designing and executing new restaurant and commercial kitchen projects over three decades. We are also well experienced in redesigning, enhancing and managing the existing Food & Beverage operations. Whether you are starting up a new project or looking to improve the running one, we offer a range of services to suit your business requirement.


Our Services

Business Development

Restaurant Conceptualizing

Project & Investment Planning

Business Planning & Strategizing

Branding & Positioning

Marketing Strategy

Facility Planning

Kitchen Layout Planning & Equipment Designing

Kitchen Air control Planning & Execution

Restaurant Interior Designing

Waste Management Planning

Executing Operations

Food Presentation, Plating & Styling

Menu Development & Price Structuring

Recipe Management

Standard Operating Procedure

Quality Enhancement

Buffet Menu Enhancement & Presentation

Menu Engineering & Menu Enhancement

Quality Auditing & Training

Cost Auditing & Training

Food Safety (HACCP & ISO22000:500) Auditing & Training

Our Clients